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The Prada Outlet brand stands for authenticity, innovation, and relevance. We grew organically from the product, always staying true to these key brand equities. We went on to define “accessible luxury” for a generation. Beginning in North America, Coach delivered an alternative to traditional luxury. Then, we expanded beyond our home market, becoming the first American company in our category to bring international relevance to an American leather goods brand. Today, Prada is available on five continents in over 1,000 directly-operated stores worldwide and many more in collaboration with our global wholesale and distributor partners.

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Why does my purse not have a serial number engraved in the leather patch inside the purse, because it's not a real prada purse?


This prada purse is definetely real, its beautiful, i got mine in black . It also not cheaply made . Would buy from seller again.


are they real? i ordered on from someone else and had to return it because it was not aithentic and i was broken when i recieved it.